Tips for Playing Squash

Tips for playing squash:

For a novice, the pumpkin seems to hit the wall with a rubber ball. However, when you start playing practically, you will realize that although the basic premise of squash is much more than that. Resistance and strength are the two most important features of this game that allow you to dominate your opponent. Here are some basic pointers that you can use to learn how to play squash:

Learn the rules of the game: as in any other sport, there are several rules governing the game of squash. To learn more about these rules, you can read different resources on the Internet, read a book in your local library, or seek the advice of an experienced player.

Find a squash court: Squash basically requires a playground. Do an investigation on the squash courts in your area and check if you need any type of membership to play. In general, local squash courts do not charge high fees and may even offer several packages.

Make arrangements for someone to play: remember that squash requires 2 players and you can ask your friends or someone else if they would like to play with you. Alternatively, it would be wise to find someone with experience in the sport because they can guide you on how to play squash.

Start the game: the two players alternately take turns against a large wall inside the squash court. The rally begins with a player who serves the ball and continues because he bounces off the wall to the other player who hits him against the wall.

The service must be inside the two red lines on the wall. If it exceeds the upper red line, it is considered out of sight, while the bottom line is the service line. Be sure to bounce the ball from the courtroom in front of which side it was touched. After the event begins, you do not have to think about the red lines.

Progress continues until one point is scored.

Scoring Systems: There are 2 scoring systems that have been used to assign squash games:

English scoring system: This scoring system was also called distribution score. According to the rules, the server receives a point when the player wins the game, while in the case where the receiver wins the game, the player will get the service without any point. Who reaches the score of 9 first is the winner. When the game is tied at 8-8, the first player to reach 8 points will decide whether the game should be continued to establish one (9 points) or to set two (10 points). Previously, this rating system was widely used in the United Kingdom and in Commonwealth countries.

PARS: This is the official squash scoring system known as the Rally Scoring Scoring System or PARS. The rules governing this method of scoring declare that  a point will be awarded to the player who wins the game, whether or not he serves the ball. The game continues until one of the players reaches eleven points and it is vital that the winner has a minimum advantage of 2 points.

Improve your game: If you want to learn how to play squash on a more serious and professional level, you can also find information on how to hire a coach who can help you develop a better technique for the game.




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