What equipment do you need to play squash?

Squash is a relatively new sports discipline. Everyone can start the game – you do not need any special skills here. All you need is knowledge of (reasonably simple) rules of the game, safety rules on the court and what equipment do you need to play squash? In many countries, it appeared a few years ago and systematically gains more and more popularity. This sport consists of bouncing the ball against the wall so that it can be challenging to pick up the opponent. You can imagine it as a tennis-like game, except that the players are standing on one side of the court, and the role of the net is the wall from which the ball bounces.

In places where squash is played, there are clubs usually having several courts to play, are typically located in larger cities. Everyone can start playing squash – you do not need any special skills here. All you need is knowledge of (reasonably simple) rules of the game, safety rules on the court and equipment borrowed or bought. And the necessary equipment is a racket and a ball.

Good squash racket, it costs 200 – 400. Of course, we can buy a rocket for 100 zlotys, and we will also find copies for 500 – 600 zlotys, but neither – nor beginners are recommended for beginners. Cheap rockets, for less than 150, are usually massive, which broadly translates into the quality of the game. Such a rocket can only unnecessarily discourage someone who begins the adventure with squash. On the other hand, expensive rockets, in the price of over 400, are usually intended for professional players, which can also – instead of help – prevent a beginner from playing. Therefore, to start with, if you can not afford a good rocket, you should rent one at the club. Most of these types of places offer the possibility to rent a rocket, at a price of about 10 for a one-off game.

Buy a squash racket at Sportsnet As for the ball, there is not much of a problem here – we can buy it, or rent it – just like a rocket. Beginner players should choose faster (better bouncing) balls.

Shoes are an essential but not appreciated issue. Suitable squash shoes are one of the primary safety measures on the court, allowing you to maintain stability and protect our feet, ankles and knees (through proper stabilization). Shoes must primarily be adapted to use on the court/hall. Their sole should be non-marking, i.e. it can not leave marks on the (wooden) surface of the court. Many clubs even prohibit playing in shoes that go any mark when facing the ground.

The best squash shoes are produced by Prince, Hi-tec, Asics, Yonex and Wilson. These shoes have anti-slip properties, prevent movement of their feet during the game, provide a stable posture, have reinforcements and ventilation systems and sweat evacuating.

For reasons of safety and convenience, it is worth investing in shoes, even at the expense of postponing the purchase of a rocket and other squash accessories.

It is also worth buying squash protective goggles – they protect your eyes from accidental hits by a ball or rocket, by an inattentive opponent.
The next purchases may concern bags for rockets, specialist clothing (T-shirts, shorts, antibacterial socks, thermo-active underwear), wrappers and rocket pulls.

Squash is a very addictive sport, and it’s easy to “infect” it. He has the reputation of the safe game, low injury, and at the same time has a positive effect on health. However, you should remember the rules that should be followed when buying squash equipment – it is often worth posting a bit more funds and buying better shoes or a lighter rocket so that you can thoroughly enjoy the game and feel safe on the court.



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